Berliners – Nick and Tom @ Flight Path Theatre

Verdict: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 (reviewed 13 September)

Sydney’s favourite absurdist comedy duo are back at Sydney Fringe after their incredibly successful show at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

In their previous incarnation we saw Nick and Tom as real estate agents competing in the cut throat world of…real estate. The absurdist plot in which Tom usurps Nick is very witty, engaging and unique. In this show, Berliners, there is a variation on that theme; this time they are living in Germany, each living in their own apartment that is divided by the Berlin Wall. Tom is in East Germany, while Nick is in the West; as audience members we must also choose our seats accordingly.

This premise is already too good to pass up, but it gets better; although they forbidden to make any kind of contact, they eventually have an Amelie style of exchanges just before the wall is officially torn down. They like each other immediately, and begin a platonic affair.

The beautiful script makes use of songs, letters, monologues and other theatrical devices to create warmth, empathy and connection. There is a quirkiness that carries the plot through, like a bee gathering pollen. Everything lands softly, gently, and as the audience, our curiosity is piqued and engaged. Will they stay friends forever after Nick f**** it all up and Tom becomes President of the United States? You’ll just have to come and watch and find out for yourself.

A must see show on the Sydney Fringe Festival program.

Berliners – Nick and Tom is playing at Flight Path Theatre until 16 September. For tickets and showtimes, go to

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