Meet Geri (GER-I!), an elderly lady just looking for a good time (on Tinder, of course!). She’s a little bit of a good old fashioned pearl-clutching homophobe, and a lil bit of a naughty GILF. (Incidentally, the last time we used GILF in one of our reviews, the theatre company requested it to be edited out after they found out what it meant. Scandalous!! Hopefully this time round Geri won’t mind if we say she’s a GILF after the numerous references to Mister MILF, one of her many admirers on Tinder).

Nathalie Fenwick’sĀ one woman show has been wowing audiences in capital cities with her unique brand of granny-grinding humour, preaching blasphemy on her soapbox with saggy breasts and a very twerkable butt. Impressive. The physical comedy, wordplay and audience participation creates an atmosphere of friendly fringe humour, right down to the final striptease and denouement (literally, untying) of all the threads of repression.

See OnlyGrans at the substation in Sydney (that box building right opposite National Art School which many people including myself couldn’t locate because AI smartmaps isn’t THAT smart yet).

For tickets and showtimes, go to

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