Verdict: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 (reviewed preview night Friday 14 June).

Remember how mortified you were when your parents read your diary? [YOUR NAME] is a bit like that. Except in this case, the diary is smutty fan fiction written by Year 9 students which has been accidentally discovered by their PDHPE teacher, Mr Isaacs. Mr Isaacs in turn is equally mortified to see a hunky, horny character in the fan fic named after him. A serious talk ensues with both students and parents about the consequences of putting such stuff on the Internet, but the creators of this gleefully salacious tale are not done with him yet.

And who exactly are the creators? The play teasingly suggests a number of impulses at play; our secret desires, fantasies, and perhaps, even a suggestion of AI becoming more sentient than initially thought possible. The authorship delves deeper and deeper into the psyche of young women, and while there are definite moments of ‘WTF is going on?!’, it’s best not to overthink it and just go with the flow.

The enthusiastic crowd on preview night certainly did, laughing uproariously all the way through. There is much gleeful indulgence in this play; dirty Harry Potter fan fiction, simulated sex and orgasms, wickedly bitchy friends and the illicit thrill of teenage sex. Beyond that are some indelible scenes such as awkward sex education classes with dear Mr Isaacs while the students ignore him, texting away, as Mr Isaacs becomes the mere mouthpiece for their Gen Z attitude.

The physical and mental commitment demanded of the actors makes this play uproariously compelling – there isn’t the slightest moment of hesitation to go there. Lily Hayman’s direction squeezes every drop from Kate Bubalo’s moisture-rich text with very inspired performances. A mere mouth wipe or stare or moan rounding off each scene prompts gales of laughter from both sides of the traverse stage at KxT Theatre. Theatrically, the production is full of surprises, including a rather disturbing computer screen that is just a little too self-actualising and automated. Brilliant! The montage of ‘horror scenes’ flashing through the characters’ minds when the monstrosity of their actions comes to light is also brilliant.

Costume design by Rita Naidu creates a believable and immediate connection with the context of each scene, including school uniforms juxtaposed with bondage and cosplay. The stage design, lighting and video projections creates two opposing worlds; one in the classroom where mundane lessons are taught and the other where characters role play their sexual fantasies. The shift and direction is fluid and compelling as characters snap back from one situation to another. Preview night was flawless.

The casting choices are perfect with actors revelling in the opportunity to play opposing sides. Andrew Fraser plays Mr Isaacs with believable concern and authority and also Larry (the fantasy male character) with great comedic skill. Equally comedic are Georgia McGinness as Nadine, Evelina Singh as Petra and Lola Bond as Kris all giving layered, character studies of teenagers exploring the curious, confusing nature of their sexual power and impending womanhood, never settling for being comfortable, but always asserting a modern, feminist point of view.

An extremely insightful, unique and polished production all round.

[YOUR NAME] presented by Purple Tape Productions is playing at KxT Theatre on Broadway til 29 June 2024. For tickets and showtimes, go to

Images: Georgia Brogan

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